Take your Instagram and make it last for months instead of minutes.

Imagine your inspiring content in a high-quality magazine that will sit on a coffee table instead of being swiped away.

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I'm Abi, Publisher of iola bookazine.

Your words and inspiring content are important. They inspire people, build your brand and reach your ideal customer.

But sharing on Instagram lasts only a few minutes before your people swipe away.

What if you could take your content and put it into a beautiful magazine to send to your people, or to sell on your website or Amazon?

Imagine an attention-keeping, offline, beautiful print magazine that lasts for months instead of minutes.

I can help you. As a publisher of iola bookazine I can project manage your own beautiful magazine. 

If collating your content seems time-consuming I can create it myself from your Instagram content, emails, and high-res photos. 

Magazine Project Management

Your magazine managed from your concept. You'll provide content and high-res photos. I can design, layout, provide print-ready pdfs, or arrange print and distribution.

Your Instazine made. From £5,000

Magazine Full Service

Your content curated by me from your Instagram, emails, and your high-res photos. I'll source extra imagery, edit to approval, design, layout, and arrange print and distribution of your beautifully branded magazine. 

Your Instazine easily made. From £10,000.

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