Re: create, restore your creative soul

Have you stopped being creative?

Maybe your days are taken up with caring for small children or at work with spreadsheets, perhaps you previously had a creative outlet in your work.

Does it feel selfish to take time to be creative? Are you telling yourself that you don’t have the time or the money and you just don’t want a home filled with more stuff?

BUT you do remember when it was fun to make things?

You feel more alive when you make something.

You secretly wish for inspiration beyond the pages of a pastel pink magazine.

You want to create things beautiful AND meaningful for your home.

Re: create is for you.

Re:create is a guide to making beautiful items which also connect you to beautiful truths. A book to explore your creativity in a meaningful way.

To create not just more stuff, but to focus on God’s heart for your creativity.

God delights in you coming alive to the creative soul he designed you to be. Your mind can dwell on what is good, true and holy and your hands can bring your creative spirit alive again. You can spend precious time making beautiful items which remind you of who you are in Christ.

The book is a combination of writings on how God restores your creative soul and devotional creative projects that allow time to spend with him and focus on the meaning the projects express. It is a visual, thoughtful & creative experience.

With Re: create:

  • You can make beautiful and meaningful things.
  • It is simple and easily accessible to create.
  • You don’t need lots of fancy craft equipment.
  • You don’t need to be an expert.
  • Your time to create can be the time you connect with God.
  • You can restore your creative soul.

Your mind was designed to imagine, your hands were designed to create, your soul was designed to soar.

recreate restore your creative soul

re: create restore your creative soul

The projects in the book can easily be done alone, with family members, with a Bible study group, or with a few girlfriends.

For only £10.99 or $14.99 you can restore your creative soul. 

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Being creative is more fun with friends

Buy a group pack of five copies of Re: create for a special rate of £40. (includes free shipping to US and UK.)

Meredith M Dangel – 

“Re:create is a gentle reminder of all the things I know about my creative self, yet allow myself to forget too easily. The day-to-day duties of being a working mom can pull me away from what I love to do most – make. Make beautiful meals, meaningful decor, handcrafted cards… these expressions of my soul are necessary for me to feel alive. Abi will help you, too, remember that finding time to express yourself (whatever that means for you) is not a luxury but part of your God-ordained design. And if you need a few projects to help you get back in the saddle? She’s got those too.”

Jill  – @joyinthesmallthings:

I started following Abi on Instagram because I loved how she encouraged me to be creative. She showed me that I could create in the midst of the life I am living right now, right where I am at. When I learned Abi was writing a book on creating, with craft projects included, I was thrilled! Buy this book if you want to be encouraged to create, if you want to be reminded that we are creative by nature, and if you want to actually create meaningful pieces that you can use in your own home. Abi’s book is beautiful to look at, yes, but it’s also easily accessible. I felt like Abi was sitting right next to me, inspiring and encouraging me to make the time to create, all in her delightful English accent!

Kaylan – @honestwomanhood:

We were designed by God in His image, designed to be creators just as He is a creator. In her book, Re:Create, Abi perfectly provides a platform for reconnection to God and His nourishing love by putting the reader back in touch with his/her creativity. These projects are simple yet beautiful and could easily be done alone, with family members, with a Bible study group, or with a few girlfriends. But, when it’s all said and done, what Abi has created is simply an invitation to a creative coffee date with the Lord. I recommend this book a million times over to any person who has stepped away from their creativity for a while or believes that they are not creative, and even to those who need to uplift, calm or nourish their souls by being with the Lord. Abi shows us that we were made to be creative and that joy and peace can yet again be found when we use that creativity we were gifted with to connect with our loving Creator.

Charlotte Osborn – Live, Move, Be.

“I love the way Abi so clearly points the source of our creativity back to The Creator. Her honesty and reality in her writing is fantastic – I felt really encouraged and ‘well fed’ by her words and images.”

Carey Christian – @careybchristian

“This book is lovely. I love the different topics and tangible ways to create and remember and rejoice. There is a definite healing act in creating. I have only recently started watercolor for this very reason. It forces me to focus on what is right in front of me. I enjoy it.”