I help entrepreneurs & communities make their message last longer and look better with quality printed journals.


Digital is easy and instant, but also distractable and fleeting.

Messages of quality deserve more attention in their presentation and in turn – from a reader.

I help entrepreneurs and communities communicate through quality printed journals to be heard above the noise, reach their people and make their quality message beautiful and longer-lasting. 

Imagine the beauty of your Instagram as a journal worthy of the coffee table of your ideal reader.

Entrepreneurs can reach readers in a swipe-less way, through my magazine design and management services.

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Abi & magazines

As a child, I made magazines for my friends and brother, for our club; the Sunvale Sunshines! It was cut-out pictures, my friends' stories, and jokes, some puzzles, and probably only I read it!

As a teenager, I worked on a magazine for our church youth group where I learned the very useful layout skill of tearing paper edges so that they didn't show on the photocopied pages! I wrote an article about fashion going round in circles and doctoring a photo of our pastor to make his flares even wider!

I was an avid reader of Smash Hits, Brio, Elle, and Vogue. The advent of teenage magazines was here and I was questioning who they were telling me I had to be.

Whilst studying English and Publishing at Oxford Brookes University I made a magazine for a missions organization with my newly learned layout skills, QuarkXpress, and new to the print industry - a digital printing press.

Book design jobs and being mentored by a designer from British Vogue magazine in the publishing city of Oxford followed. Then founding a design agency with my husband, all fuelled a passion for good design and print.

Trips to 'Borders' in Oxford perusing the magazine racks with American versions of Country Living, Martha Stewart alongside Design Week and Creative Review, were an evening out.

Re-entering the design world in the form of blogging, website design, and craft events, was fun after my three children were born, and helped me out of post-natal depression.

Magazines were beginning to explore mental health, Instagram was growing, the world was changing. I was reading Country Living, The Simple Things, and Flow magazines.

The craft kits company I ran with a friend got us a feature in Country Living Magazine, presenting at the Hay Festival, and selling kits at their fairs.

Iola bookazine came from a desire to read a Christian magazine that encouraged me where I was, weary of fashion, home, & celebrity highlight reels, and being preached at.

I was learning about writing for a reader, self-publishing books I'd written, building a readership, creating and chasing beauty where I could alongside a writer's community Hope*writers. Over 50 fellow writers have contributed to six issues of iola bookazine.

I'm passionate about building places and spaces for Jesus-following women who are creating and writing beauty as a form of hope for a weary world and as their worship of God.

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